Ayelight empowers you to get a real impact. On people lives. On your brand. Easily.

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Actions MGMT

Multiply your actions.

Make an impact.

Manage your relationships. Easily.

Make your grants and sponsoring relationships simple and effective. From call for applications and projects to sponsorship demands.

Follow and optimize your partnerships’ actions.

Master your projects on your own dashboard. Automate answers

Rate your partners.

Give a grade to your partners. Collaborate with the ones that are true to their commitments.


Get insight
Meet partners


Impact Evaluation

Measure results.

Certificate your actions

Measure your actions’ results.

Evaluate and rate your impact on the world, people’s lives and on your own KPIs.

Certificate the impact of your actions.

Receive the Ayelight certification for your commitments and the impact of your actions. Be credible and indisputable.

Visualize your results.

Simply see your efficiency and value creation. Share your successes.

Needs Matching

Find serious partners.

Grow your database.

Find answers to your needs

Post and make visible any of your needs.

Match and connect with companies

Find partners who share your commitments through our matching tool.

Valorize your organisation

Export and share your results. Attract new potential partners.


Mesure results


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