Ayelight empowers you to get a real impact. On people lives. On your brand. Easily.

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Get insight


Data insights

Get Insights.

Commit right.

Anticipate the trends and causes.

Be aware of the last societal problematics your markets are facing according to the commitments you took.

Know the competition.

Keep an eye on your competitors’ commitments and actions. Do you differentiate? Is your voice unique?

Choose the right causes.

Commit into causes people really care about. Translate your values or brand purpose into concrete and specific causes adapted to your local markets.

Actions MGMT

Multiply your actions.

Make an impact.

Get and manage requests.

Receive and push projects offers on one unique place. Facilitate the way you manage your societal partnerships.

Select partners. Follow your projects.

Simplify the way you get in touch with your partners. Easily launch new projects. Match with partners based on their commitments. Be sure of their reliability based on the Ayelight rating.

Spread your actions internally.

Simplify your information sharing. Make your actions best cases for your company. Inspire your co-workers.


Meet partners
Mesure results


Impact Evaluation

Measure results.

Grow your value.

Measure your impact

Evaluate and rate your impact on the world, people’s lives and on your business KPIs. Simply see your efficiency and value creation.

Visualize your actions results.

Make your results understandable and appealing to you and your partners and co-workers.

Certificate your commitments.

Receive the Ayelight certification for your commitments and the impact of your actions. Be credible and indisputable.


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